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Combined Jewish Philanthropies

Founded in 1895, Combined  Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) is the country's oldest federated philanthropy.


CJP is a sponsor of Boston Supports Israel (BSI) fundraising events.


Jewish Educational and Cultural Center "Makor"



Jewish Educational and Cultural Center “MAKOR” acts as community center providing free space and technical assistance for cultural events to numerous local Russian Jewish organizations .

Center "Makor" is the venue for all BSI fundraising events.

Arboretum Natural Cosmetics

Arboretum Natural Cosmetics is a manufacturer of hand made natural skin care products.

Arboretum is a corporate sponsor of BSI.

LAPID Rehabilitation-Education Center 

Lapid Rehabilitation-Education Center (Or Akiva, Israel) provides personal tutoring, counseling, and treatment for children terror victims.

BSI is a sponsor of Lapid Center.


Samooborona is a charitable grass-roots organization that came to an existence in Israel during the time of the war with Hezbollah in the Summer 2006. Its goal is to provide aid to residents of Israel who suffered as a result of recent hostilities.

To read more click here. To read an article in the Israeli daily "Vesti" click here (in Russian).

Russian Jewish Community Foundation


Russian Jewish Community Foundation (RJCF) is a non-profit organization created for charitable purposes by Russian speaking Jewish immigrants from the former USSR now residing in Massachusetts.

In 2oo6 BSI received a $1,000 grant from RJCF.

Shamira: Safety Security Defense


Shamira  Helping to safeguard Jews in Israel and Diaspora. In Hebrew, Shamira (pronounced "sha-MI-ra")  means “guardian, protector”. And that’s exactly what we are all about. Our charity organization is the only North-American organization devoted solely to the safety, security and defense of Jews worldwide. Whether it is making Jewish Day Schools secure or protecting citizens of Sderot from rocket attacks, we are 100% committed to making sure Jewish Institutions and Jewish citizens are safe, no matter where they are geographically.

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