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Boston Supports Israel operational principals:
  • We deliver help directly to victim families
  • We make money work fast - funds get distributed and delivered within a few months after being raised
  • Transparent accounting - financial reports are available on the website
  • Priority to the neediest and victims of the most recent attacks
  • Moral support is as important as money - we are in close touch with many families we help - please read testimonials
  • Minimal overhead expenses

Boston Supports Israel was founded in 2003 as a grassroots volunteer organization under the leadership of Olga and Aron Futer. They organized a small group of like-minded individuals who were committed to the cause of helping Israeli victims of terror. This group of energetic and dedicated volunteers worked hard to make fundraising events possible.


Aron and Olga immigrated to the US from Moscow, USSR, in 1988.

Aron holds a PhD in Computer Science and works as an analyst.

Olga holds a PhD in Biology; she is a project manager at a pharmaceutical company.

From helping new immigrants to settle, to leading a group of teenagers on backpacking trips, to starting a networking support group for the unemployed during the recession in 2000-2001, Olga and Aron were always active in the Russian Jewish community.



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