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Helped 75 families of civilian

victims of terror attacks

Ury A., 56, Netania

Ury A., 56 was severely injured at the bombing in Netania on May 18, 2001. In May 2005 he underwent an 11-hour open-heart surgery. He is 100% disabled and lives alone.

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Linda B., 31, Zefat
Linda B., 31, with daughter Stav, 3; also has son Daniel, 10. Her husband Izhak B., 40, died 2/25/05 in Tel Aviv bombing. Linda was badly injured.
Rivka A., 60, Tel Aviv

Rivka A., 60. Her son Ronen, 29, died on February 25, 2005 in Tel Aviv bombing.  
Vitaly P., 70, Hadera

Vitaly P., 70 was severely injured in both legs at Hadera market bombing on October 26, 2005. His wife Genya died from injuries five days after the bombing.

A year later, he is back on his feet.

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Arina P., 59, Jerusalem



Arina P., 59 was severely injured in a bus bombing in Jerusalem on January 29, 2004. She had a shard in the head, broken ear drums, broken ribs and knee.

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Elizaveta K., 68, Hadera
Elizaveta K., 68, lost her husband Mikhail K., 68, in the bombing at Hadera market on October 26, 2005. She wrote us a 10 page letter telling her family story. The couple’s youngest grandson Ilan, 13 wrote a song in memory of his grandfather and produced a CD.

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Pavel S., 33, Ber Sheva
  Pavel S., 33,  was severely injured in Beer-Sheva on August 28, 2005 while working as a security guard – he prevented the suicide bomber from entering the bus station.

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Larisa A., 22, Tel Aviv
  Larisa A., 22 was severely injured in Delphinarium bombing in Tel-Aviv on June 1, 2001. Her mother died of cancer two years later, on June 1, 2003.

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Marina Z., 22, Tel Aviv
Marina Z., 22 was severely injured in the head in Delphinarium bombing on June 1, 2001. She had multiple neurosurgeries; some shards still remain in the head. Marina suffers from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and severe headaches.

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Irina N., 17, Tel Aviv
Irina N., 17, died in the Delphinarium bombing on June 1, 2001. Irina's father Gregory suffers from cancer and does not work; her mother Raisa works as a home health aid. The family is very needy.

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Radmila S., 26, Tel Aviv
Radmira S., 26, was nine month pregnant with her third child when her husband David, 29, was killed in a bombing near Tel Aviv restaurant on April 17, 2006.

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Eugenia M., Beer Sheva
Eugenia M. is a single mother of three. Her youngest son Boris, 13, was seriously injured in the bombing at a bus station in Beer Sheva on August 31, 2004. He is still having nightmares and needs psychiatric treatment. Eugenia is bed-ridden with very serious back problems, in constant pain, 100% disabled.

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