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Art of fund raising for a good cause


Pavel Shkarin performs during a concert at the Temple Bnai Moshe on Sunday, February 20. 


By Casey Lyons
Brighton-Allston TAB, Friday, February 27, 2004

Local benefit show and concert helps victims of violence in Israel

For the past three years, things in Israel have alternately worsened and improved. Beneath all the political maneuvering, the questions of right and wrong, should and should not, there are real people suffering from the consequences of ideas and politics larger than themselves.

For the members of greater Boston's Jewish communities, it was not a question of whether or not to help, it was a question of determining the best ways to raise relief aid... more

Raising money for the terror victims

Deborah Fineblum Raub, ("The Jewish Advocate", March 5 - 11, 2004)
Sunday morning's bus bombing on a busy intersection in Jerusalem was a powerful reminder of the commitment behind an event that day half-a-world away: the duty for Jews around the globe to reach out to each other.
Of course, the organizers of the Russian community's "Fundraiser for the Victims of Terror in Israel," which had been in the works for months, could not have known that the latest in a series of attacks on Israeli civilians would come that same morning they -- through music and art -- raise money for the families of the victims... more


Russian Community Fundraiser for Israel

It would not be an overstatement to say that even though the Russian-speaking community in Boston is very diverse, it always unites around issues related to Israel. People readily respond to calls for help, show up in great numbers at rallies and marches and collect money to support Israel. This feeling of deep affinity was clearly evident last year, when on February 22 over 800 people came to the benefit concert and art show at Temple B’nai Moshe in Brighton... more


If not we then who? (in Russian)

Что это было? Концерт? Выставка? Митинг солидарности? Сбор пожертвований? Все это вместе создало какой-то необычный симбиоз, который оказался больше, чем просто сумма перечисленных событий. Неожиданно это стало Событием... more

They need our help (in Russian)

Vitaly P. was badly wounded in Hadera bombing, October 26, 2005. His wife, Genya, died.

Forverts (NY)

Monday, August 11, 2006

Можно без преувеличения сказать, что несмотря на все разнообразие нашей общины, тема Израиля всегда находит у нее единодушный отклик. Это чувство родства с Израилем проявилось особенно ярко, когда в воскресенье 26 марта более 500 человек пришли на благотворительный вечер в Центр "Макор" в Брайтоне.  Такие вечера, организованные группой "Boston Supports Israel", стали традиционными – в этом году вечер прошел в третий раз. Их задача – сбор средств в фонд помощи семьям пострадавшим от террора.... more


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